Friday, October 26, 2012

CHOOSE ME now available!

CHOOSE ME, the latest in the "Me" novellas is now available.

Wondering what it's about?

Meg Adams couldn't be happier. An artist living in Minneapolis, she's making a decent living doing what she loves. She has a house full of great roommates and Andy, a boyfriend she adores. Life is good. Better than good.

When an opportunity to take her art to the next level presents itself, Meg decides to give it a shot. She exhibits in a local art show, with minor success. But that show leads her to an important connection that just might allow her to break out in the national art scene. The only problem? She'll have to go to Washington, D.C. to do it. Which means leaving her home and Andy.

Meg visits D.C. to explore the opportunity and soon discovers that the situation is far more complicated than she thought. There are some tough choices to make, choices that will affect far more than her success as an artist. They just might affect her entire future, including her relationship with Andy.

Can she live with the choice she has to make?

If you've read SAVE ME, you'll see some familiar characters in this novella...and some new ones, too!

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