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Bonnie Nichols wasn't the kind of girl to crash a wedding. Or throw things. But somehow, she ends up doing her ex-boyfriend's wedding.

Bonnie has been in love with Chase Somers since elementary school and seeing him at the altar with the absolute wrong girl causes her to do the unthinkable—toss a shoe in his direction in order to try and stop it.  But she doesn’t count on the shoe knocking him out. Nor does she count on the entire church knowing it was her who did the throwing.  The shoe doesn’t stop the wedding, but it does make her the laughingstock of her town.

As Bonnie copes with both the embarrassment of her actions and the loss of the boy she has always loved, her best friend Jill attempts to yank her out of her despair by pushing her to use Match Me, an online dating service.  Despite her skepticism, Bonnie agrees to go on a few dates, dates that end up going comically bad.

Convinced that she will be single forever, an unanticipated complication causes Bonnie to take stock of her life and the people around her.  Was she really ever in love with Chase Somers? Or was loving him simply the easy thing to do? 

Crashing the wedding—and throwing that shoe—just may end up being the smartest thing she's ever done.


Katie Matthews needs a knight in shining armor. Immediately. Three weeks shy of graduating from college, her life is on a crash course with disaster.

Her parents suddenly announce they're moving across country. Bye-bye free place to live.

Her long-time boyfriend decides he's really not all that committed. Bye-bye relationship.

Homeless, boyfriend-less and very nearly broke, Katie searches for someone to save her from the monumental mess her life has become. Her best friend Dani, who offers her a place to stay but who just might live with the biggest slob on the planet. Her parents, who are so busy reinventing their own lives that they can't be bothered with hers. Even her ex-boyfriend, Ben, whose mixed signals are making her head spin.

In desperation, she answers an ad for a roommate and discovers the perfect place to live—and some gorgeous roommates, too. Things might work out for Katie, after all. But when another unanticipated complication arises, her new living situation is threatened.

As she baby-steps her way out of a never-ending string of disasters, wondering if that knight in shining armor is ever going to show up, she realizes that she might not need one, after all. Katie Matthews just might be able to save herself.


I co-wrote this book with a great author friend. 

The last place Claire Woodward wants to be is standing on the dock, waiting to embark on a cruise to celebrate her ten year high school reunion. Her high school career was a disaster and her life following graduation didn't improve—divorced, recently fired from her job and no prospects on either front. But she’s reluctantly talked herself into going, hoping maybe it can jumpstart her life in the right direction. And given that she’s checked the RSVP list obsessively and knows with certainty that Griffin Benson won’t be on the cruise, she figures she can live through it.

Griffin Benson has one regret in his life—breaking up with Claire Woodward before their senior Prom. It’s haunted him for the last decade and he’s been waiting ten years to apologize. When he sees that she’ll be on their high school reunion cruise, he thinks the time has finally arrived to say he’s sorry and to maybe pick up where they left off. He waits until the last moment to sign up, making sure she’ll be on that ship.

When Claire arrives for the start of the trip, her bad luck continues—the cruise line has mishandled her reservation and she’s without a room on a sold-out cruise. There’s only one empty bed on the vessel…and it just happens to be in Griffin Benson’s room, which he’s more than happy to let her have.

Reluctantly, Claire agrees to the arrangement and is immediately torn by her reunion with Griffin—does she hold steady to her vow that she won’t let him break her heart again? Or does she forgive him and rekindle the spark that is so clearly still there? Should she give Griffin one last chance?

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