Friday, October 26, 2012

CHOOSE ME now available!

CHOOSE ME, the latest in the "Me" novellas is now available.

Wondering what it's about?

Meg Adams couldn't be happier. An artist living in Minneapolis, she's making a decent living doing what she loves. She has a house full of great roommates and Andy, a boyfriend she adores. Life is good. Better than good.

When an opportunity to take her art to the next level presents itself, Meg decides to give it a shot. She exhibits in a local art show, with minor success. But that show leads her to an important connection that just might allow her to break out in the national art scene. The only problem? She'll have to go to Washington, D.C. to do it. Which means leaving her home and Andy.

Meg visits D.C. to explore the opportunity and soon discovers that the situation is far more complicated than she thought. There are some tough choices to make, choices that will affect far more than her success as an artist. They just might affect her entire future, including her relationship with Andy.

Can she live with the choice she has to make?

If you've read SAVE ME, you'll see some familiar characters in this novella...and some new ones, too!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

LOVE ME is free today!

If you're reading this on October 25th -- GOOD NEWS!! LOVE ME is free on Amazon today. This novella features characters from MATCH ME -- most notably, Bonnie's best friend Jill and her boyfriend Domenico. 

It was super fun to write and I hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

LOVE ME is here!

Love Me is available on Amazon!

For Jill Wegman, there’s just one thing standing in the way of finishing law school.

Her fabulous boyfriend, Domenico.

Despite her best friend’s objections, she decides to end the relationship so she can stay focused on her studies. Her best friend, Bonnie, has other ideas, though, and concocts a scheme to throw the two back together so Jill can see just what she’s giving up. Tricked into going on an impromptu vacation, Jill is forced to spend time with her ex-boyfriend, who is still reeling and angry from the unexpected break up.

When she finds herself with no money and no phone, and her ex as her only companion, Jill is forced to consider why she's willing to give up a guy most women would beg for. 

Is she being honest with herself? Or is there something else, something that’s haunted her for longer than she cares to admit, that is now threatening her own happiness?

Will Jill stick to her guns and focus on law school? Or will she take a chance on Domenico and on love?

Friday, September 28, 2012

LOVE ME: Music That Inspired Me

Love Me will be available soon -- like, in a couple of days soon! If you've read Match Me, you probably already know how much music inspires my writing. After all, the premise of that book was inspired by Taylor Swift's Speak Now.

This song has been on steady rotation on both Sirius and my favorite radio station here in the Cities. And it was a big inspiration for Love Me, Jill's story. 

In a couple of days, you'll see why. :)

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons. Brilliant song.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Will The Real "ME" Please Stand Up?

There is a little bit of me in all of the characters I write. Always has been. Sometimes it's just a mannerism, or a favorite food, or something else infinitesimally small. In Set In Stone, my YA novel, the Chinese restaurant in the book really is one of my favorite restaurants. In Nine Lives, Nick has conversations with his mom that are eerily similar to the ones I have with my own 11-year-old.

But then there are the ME books. Now, to be clear, I have never crashed an ex-boyfriend's wedding like Bonnie does in Match Me. But I did work in a crazy toy store while I was in college. And I do have a pack of tarot cards that I am woefully inept at using. And the turtle is my totem animal. :)

It's easy to use fact when crafting fiction, to weave it in and tweak it in just such a way that it is similar to real life...yet different. 

Writing instructors often tell students: Write what you knowAbsolutely. In my case, with the Me novellas, I am simply writing who I am. :)

Save Me has even more pieces of me threaded into the story. But I'll save that for next time...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Love Me -- Coming Soon!

When I finished writing Match Me, I was bummed when the story was over. Not Paul and Bonnie's story; although some people begged to know what happened next, I was very comfortable leaving that up to people's imaginations (including my own).

No, I was bummed because I wanted to see what happened to Jill, Bonnie's best friend. She was such a strong character and I wanted the chance to see her develop, to see how she handled love. And, I'll admit, I really wanted to find out more about Domenico, her date from the Match Me dating service.

Jill's was a fun story to write. She's strong and fiercely independent -- but she's not as strong as she thinks. And when Domenico becomes a little too important to her, a little too central to her life, she has to decide just how dependent she's willing to be on someone other than herself.

Love Me, Jill's story, is coming soon. And I can't wait to share it. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why Novellas?

All of the "Me" books are novellas. And some readers aren't exactly happy about that. They write to me and say, "This should have been longer," or "I want to know what happens next!" And while I cringe a little at the 2-star reviews that are simply a critique of length (and not story) I still manage to smile and think: good.

Why? No, not because I like to upset my readers. But it's a pretty neat thing when you can write 25,000 words and have it be a story. Have it be something that readers connect with and care about. Write something that makes their reading time fly by. And leaves them wondering and hungry for more.

But here's the real thing.

I decided to write novellas to challenge myself. My first novel, a YA titled Set In Stone (written under my real name), came in at just over 100K words. It is a sweeping story, rich in detail and dialogue. I was--and am--really proud of that story. But I wanted to see if I could write more concisely. If I could maintain the tone and voice of my writing but with far fewer words.

A lot of people encouraged me to try. To focus on dialogue and a simple story thread, to see if I could create characters and a storyline that was still entertaining. So I did. 

Not everyone is going to like fluffy, humorous romantic novellas. But I do. And I love to write them. So much so that the next one, Love Me, will be Jill's story (the best friend from Match Me). And the fourth will be Meg's story, the new roommate from Save Me

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SAVE ME now available!

SAVE ME, the next in the Me series, is now available!

Katie Matthews needs a knight in shining armor. Immediately. Three weeks shy of graduating from college, her life is on a crash course with disaster.

Her parents suddenly announce they're moving across country. Bye-bye free place to live.

Her long-time boyfriend decides he's really not all that committed. Bye-bye relationship.

Homeless, boyfriend-less and very nearly broke, Katie searches for someone to save her from the monumental mess her life has become. Her best friend Dani, who offers her a place to stay but who just might live with the biggest slob on the planet. Her parents, who are so busy reinventing their own lives that they can't be bothered with hers. Even her ex-boyfriend, Ben, whose mixed signals are making her head spin.

In desperation, she answers an ad for a roommate and discovers the perfect place to live—and some gorgeous roommates, too. Things might work out for Katie, after all. But when another unanticipated complication arises, her new living situation is threatened.

As she baby-steps her way out of a never-ending string of disasters, wondering if that knight in shining armor is ever going to show up, she realizes that she might not need one, after all. Katie Matthews just might be able to save herself.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

MATCH ME Makes Its Debut!

MATCH ME debuted on Amazon this week...I am in LOVE with the cover! And with the story, too. 

Bonnie is sweet and warm and has her heart in the right place...even when she does all the wrong things. Her best friend Jill is the kind of friend I wished I would have had after high school. 

And the dates? OMG. I'll just admit now that, although I didn't use an online dating service in college, I had my fair share of crazies show up on my doorstep...or at a restaurant.

Hope you get a few giggles as you read and hope you root for Bonnie as much as I did while writing it.