Thursday, January 31, 2013


I am IN LOVE with this cover. Maybe because it's -40 with the windchill where I live. Or maybe because I just flat-out love this story, too. No link to click on yet--it's publishing on Amazon as I type--but here's the blurb so you know what it's all about!

Emma Wakefield needs a little direction.

Fresh off a cultural exchange trip to rural Mexico, she's back home in San Diego, contemplating her next move. She knows what she's promised to do—sign up for a couple of college classes, spend time with her germaphobic boyfriend and find a job—but none of these things sound very appealing. She doesn't want to just keep spinning her wheels. She wants to move forward, with purpose. But something is holding her back.

A chance meeting with a fellow student at the local community college may afford her the opportunity she's looking for...and an overheard conversation may just provide the incentive she needs to kick start her life. It might mean taking a risk and stepping outside of her comfort zone.

And it definitely means breaking she can make one to herself.

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